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Our small sized Tank bag is proudly crafted with 100% American labor. The bag has 6 inner and 8 outer pockets with a moisture resistant double fabric plastic reinforced bottom for added strength. Two 3/16” dia. cold rolled steel inserts help create a large framed opening for durability and easy access. A #10 full-length military tested zipper is used to close the bag, and a Velcro wrapped handle adds extra comfort for carrying.

All materials used in this bag have been specified and tested by the US military for use in combat operations, and have been proven with over 15 years of use and thousands of airdrops from C130 Aircraft delivering humanitarian supplies.

Overall dimension: 11.5”L x 9”W x 9”H  

The following fabric options are available: Foliage Green, Woodland, Coyote, Green Nylon Duck.


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Erik Jun 23rd 2017

Durable and American made

For two months I've been kicking this thing around a construction site and job trailer (I'm an electrician), and it doesn't show a bit of wear. Sharp tools, screwdrivers in the bottom, not a hole or fray. Zipper is smooth, and the rubberized coating is nice to help keep my tools dry after it's been raining. I just bought a second one as a graduation gift for my kid brother who is going into HVAC.

Dale Y. Oct 31st 2016

For a friend

Bought this for myself after I sold my old Tank Bag to a friend. My friend asked about my Medium Tank Bag, seems he wanted the same one I had.I told him how long I had it for and how well it has lasted on the job. My previous review was also for the same person. Great bags,Thanks for wellmade product.

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