Tank Bags are made in America using military grade materials.

All of the products on the TankBagsUSA.com website are American Made. We utilize many of the same durable materials that produced 183,000 U.S. Marine Individual First Aid Kits, over 300,000 Tourniquet holders that are utilized by both the U.S. Military and law enforcement agencies and many other similar products Support Enterprises regularly makes and supplies the U.S. Military with high quality pieces of equipment so you can count on your purchase from TankBagsUSA.com to be military grade and reliable.

TankBagsUSA.com is an e-commerce business developed and managed by Support Enterprises, a for-profit manufacturer in Chautauqua County, New York.  Support Enterprises contributes funds to several non-profit organizations which help the disabled. TankBagsUSA.com’s mission is to provide a retail arm direct to consumer website for Support Enterprises to distribute quality products and help various programs in-need which support and employ persons with disabilities.

TankBagsUSA.com is a win-win for American consumers; when you purchase from TankBagsUSA.com you not only get a high quality piece of merchandise made in America, you also help persons with disabilities. Thank you for your support!

TankBagsUSA.com is part of a full line of high quality, durable products manufactured by a staff of nearly 50 individuals in Jamestown, New York.  Please visit our other e-commerce sites below which have a completely different line of products, many of them coming from our workforce of disabled individuals.

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